Tom Butler Makes Selections for 41st MAG Museum Exhibit

Thanks to all who entered the Montgomery Art Guild’s 41st Museum Show that opens on Friday, June 12, at 5:30, and congratulations to those whose art was selected.

The interest in the show was outstanding. Michael Panhorst, the MMFA Curator who is coordinating myriad details required to make the show a success  comments that “the competition was stiff.” He reported that the juror selected just 98 works by 74 artists from the 439 works entered by 127 artists. This means fewer than one in four works entered will be in the show this summer. The good news is that more than half of those who entered got a work in the show.

41st MAG Museum Exhibition 2015 Selected Artist List:

James Rodger Alexander
Kathy Atchison
Carol Ballard
Carol Barksdale
Margaret Batley
Neal Brantley
Lindy Bruggink
Kay Alkire Brummal
Edward M. Brummal, Jr.
Andre Burke
Ivan Bush
Linda Cappelluzzo
Betty Carroll
Libby Christensen
Thornton Clark
Pamela Copeland
Scott Crockett
Barbara Davis
Danellen DeHuff
Joan DiLaura
William T Dooley
DaNeal Eberly
Dr. Jack Evans
Russell Everett
Margaret Gluhman
Linda Bailey Goslin
Christopher Greenman
Willliam Gwin
Elana Hagler
Andrew Hairstans
Amber Hall
Nancy Hartsfield
Judith Ivey Hayden
Chie A Hitchner
Cicely Hulett
Ken Johnson
Jerry Johnson
Fred Jones
Alisa Koch
Joan Lamb
Beverly West Leach
Kenneth Lever
Dale Lewis
Richard Mills
Jamie Mitchell
Cecile Morgan
Charlie Munoz
Don Norris
Kelly Parvin
Duane Paxson
Larry Percy
Donna Pickens
Walter Poole
Catie Radney
Jamie Reschke
Michael Robinson
Willliam Sansom
Phil Scarsbrook
Lynn Schmidt
Sheri Schumacher
Kate Seawell
Jane Segrest
Rachael Sherer
Randy Shoults
Warren Simons
Michael Vaughn Sims
Brenda Thornton
Langley Tolbert
Laura Waldo
Darrell Warr
Chelsey Williams
Virginia Wolfe
Cynthia Yarbrough
Michael Young